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Who is Mr Andersin?

What a hard Question to answer especially for yourself. When you live long enough you start to have memories of another person in your head, as who you are isn’t that person anymore. So let’s keep this simple and to the point and I’ll post my Interview links below for better clarity.  I am a FATHER of an amazing little boy named JAXX, Husband, Brother, Uncle, and Freind to many. I created a site called to help not only myself,  but other creators get noticed. It worked and became something bigger than I could ever have imagined.  While I am far from a new creator 2017 became my Coming out year as a creator. I do not remember the moment, but sometime in 2017, I stopped saying I want to make comics and instead I started saying I am a comic book creator, and it was True, I had become a comic book creator.  There is, of course, more, to the left on the main page is my accomplishments and below a lot of answers to questions.  But the truth is I am just a kid stuck in adults body who want to share with the worlds of imagination that have been stuck in my head my whole life. 


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