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A Once in a Lifetime Moment for Fetish Babies Creative Team

Today the Creative Team for Fetish Babies got to visit the Printer where Fetish Babies is being Printed, Panther Printers in Fort Myers Florida.  The Married Creative  Team behind Fetish Babies called the experiences surreal. A journey that Started right after NYCC 2013 this has been a long road full of Surgeries, relocations, brith of JAXX and fail attempts at production.   Parts of the Story date back to the early part of the millennium so this was a long journey final ending.

Alyssa Said “I never Expected to ever have been someone who was part of a comic book and now I am so excited to see all the hard work pay off.”

Many of you know Rob Andersin the Co-Creator of Fetish Babies for his work on this very site. What most of you do not realize is Rob has been writing comics book since he was 16. While he did take time off from writing, he began actively seeking to create his own comic again way back in 2003. He became a Student of Comic book creating and has worked tirelessly to improve his craft. While this is not his 1st Self-published work, this is his biggest project to date, and the 1st time his work will be part of a commercial property. When asked how he felt about watching something he had worked on being printed he referred to it as a constant state of wow.

In this day and age, most creators never get to see their comic printed. Alyssa and Rob are very Proud to say they were able to get it printed in America and locally for them. It all came to be after the printer they were going to work with simply stopped replying to emails. Rob had gone on record that he would not use Print Ninja due to communist ties and Ka-Blam who Rob had used in the past did not offer the size they needed for the project.  This lead them to search out new options and Rob looked locally and was amazed to Find many US Based printers. After doing research he found that when you include Shipping you can get Books printed in the US for a competitive rate. They went with the closest printer that was in Rob’s words: “Very Professional and seemed to be eager to do business and even agreed to let us watch the book get printed. We were so lucky to find them and have them be so close to us. we chose them out of the half of dozen Florida printers we talked to.  They were the best fit for all of our needs”.  As mentioned in this Article they went with . Rob has said when he gets the Books he will sit down and do a video about what they went through finding a printer and things they learned about the printing process along with mistakes to avoid. So stay tuned and expect to see Alyssa Andersin head to some Comic Cons this year with Fetish Babies is all goes to plan.




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