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Married to Mr Wonderful

Our story is start out as a future wife of a superhero meet he super hero.  When she meets him he’s a local superhero that very few know about. A different identity a different time.  But over time and a name change he joins forces with a team of global heroes and becomes a global sensation.  Meanwhile their relations ship has suffered having a super enhanced ability to notice all things.  He notices breathing eyes pupil dilation and body language.  He’s also a telekinetic.


Now at first it was amazing to have someone who could know you so well but over time it became suffocating when she could never hide anything.  Worse is having to share him and seeing women always kissing him and grabbing on to him on TV of all places.  Could he be cheating.  Meanwhile she watched his life unfold on TV and no one even knew about her and their marriage.  He said it was for her protection which it really could be, but that didn’t make seeing him as a  top 10 bachelor hurt any less..


Left home alone having to work two jobs because there is no money in being a super hero has taken a toll on that wife named Jane.


We find Jane  sitting on a chair in a fetial position looking down at her I phone which is on speaking phone and is calling LIZ


Liz picks up

“Tell me you Didn’t”



“I did.  “

She begins to cry

“He’s gonna know as soon as he’s back you can’t hid anything from him. I mean fuck he notices when I forget to do anything.  Like rerinse a dish before use because of the dirt know as dust.  I can’t even lie to him about that.   I love him I’m just so lonely and Jim make me feel important and desired what do I do.”



“DON’T tell him.  If he finds out that on him it’s his fault for literally putting everyone ahead of you all the time.  He doesn’t need to be there for all those adventures he choose to be in.  I don’t why you stay with him”


“Because he is Mr. Wonderful and he truly is a wonderful man husband when he around which is like never nowadays.  Last time he came home it was for a 2 days and all he did was sleep we haven’t had sex in 6 months”



“Oh Jane my poor baby sister you deserve more.  Why shouldn’t you have fun too in life, lord knows he is.  Even if he isn’t cheating he is getting off on the attention


So with that Liz began a secret relationship.  At first she was terrified of being  caught and lying.  But Mr. wonderful when he was home was always so distracted and uncomfortable sitting still.  She also never told a straight lie she just said true thing.

MR Wonderful

“How was your week”



Mr Wonderful

“What you do “


“Work and I did a lot of excising but you tell me how the adventures where you were in Tokyo I saw?”


It was easy to change the conversations as he loved to relive his adventures

After a few months’ things where getting serious with Jim and things where now more confusing with MR Wonderful. Should Jane stay with MR wonderful?


One time when Mr. Wonderful was home he found a sock that wasn’t his.  He asked Where did this come from.  In a flash Jane remembered the night that  she had Jim over . They had been out and it was raining.  Jim wanted to runaround in the rain. It had been a hot summer night and the rain was a welcome distraction.  He came over and she undressed him so she could dry his clothes.

Dam I got distracted Jane thought to herself ( panel of them having sex.)  When they woke up and got dressed the sock was missing from the dryer.  She told Jim she would find it later they both had to be at work.  She never remembered to find that dam sock.

Time passed into fall and Jane and Jims relationship has fallen apart.  He doesn’t understand why shes staying with her traveling salesman husband.  Jim was done waiting. Jim runs out after a fight and jane walks into the bathroom and looks down at a pregnancy test and drops it.  We see it on the floor she’s pregnant

Again crawled up in a ball on a chair Jane calls Liz on her I pone again on speaker


“Hey baby girl what’s up”

Jane sobs

“I screwed up Liz its really bad.”

Liz asks

“My God  what has happened”


“I am pregnant and I don’t know who, MR Wonderfuls  been so good to me last couple of months its like i when we met again.  He’s even skipped some adventures to be with me. And Jim hated that he is sharing me and he stomped out of here today saying it was over.  I was going to break up with him anyway but then I noticed I was late. And now I still have to see everyday at work now he gonna wonder if its his.  And I don’t even know if it is or isn’t it can be either of them. MY god What am I gonna do??


We fade out to her sitting crying in the chair.


We see Jane standing on a roof top of her building in NYC.  My Wonderful shows up still in costume Flying from roof top to roof top to get to her.

Mr Wonderful

“I came as soon as I could”


“You could have just taken a cab” says in a sad trying to be funny voice

MR Wonderful

“My God your pregnant!”


“How do you know that?”


Your chest is not only bigger but much firmer, your skin is younger looking meaning the hormone process has begun and it’s you time of the month and no offense you’re not moody. I’m Guessing 4 to 6 weeks.


Jane begin to cry but chuckle

“ is that why there is always an adventure during my period?”


Mr Wonderful smiles and says

“  I have no idea what you are talking about”

suddenly he turns his back and look down and asks

“Do you know who’s it is?”

Jane is shocked and knee jerks out the answer

“What are you talking about? “

She knows he must know she isn’t sure how but she knows that he knows.  She thinks how long am I going to keep lying to him

MR Wonderful

“ I know and I have known for a long time now. I know his name is William he one of your  managers at your job.  It been going on since the spring.  I know it was his sock and I know it’s all my fault”





MR Wonderful Sits down on the ground leaning against the wall of the roof top. He takes off  his mask and throws it on the floor. He begins to speak in a low voice as if he is ashamed.

“I remember when we meet and I was running around as the INVESTAGATOR.  Wearing that trench coat with the Sherlock hat and the black mask.  I was solving crimes and not using my powers because I feared what people would think of me.  You Jane you called me MR wonderful.  You told me to embrace who I was you made me feel whole for the first time in life.  I changed my costume to this and I hate this but you said me wearing this made you horny.  I wear this so when you see me you want me and you don’t forget about me. But I screwed up. I got swept up in the group.  My name change and costume change made me part of a group and suddenly I was on this constant adrenaline high. Soon I was always seeking using my powers and saving people and risking my life.  When I first investigated and saw you cheating I was ok with it. I though well at least I don’t have to worry about her anymore I can save the world and Jane doesn’t need to feel alone.  Then I found the sock and you lied to me.  Right to my face.  Do you remember what you said about the Sock?”



“I told you it was from the laundromat cause our dryer was acting funny but its ok I had it fixed”


MR Wonderful

Yes and I knew it was a lie. What hurt was you were getting sloppy you stopped caring about lying and you knew I would know and you didn’t care.  My heart broke and it all flooded in.  I even stalked Willy home one day looking for a reason to attack him just waiting for him to so much as jay walk.  I realized once he met up with you and he kissed you I knew he cared for you deeply and I was going to lose you.

So I blew off my first mission than night and called you right when you were in front of him.  I saw you pick up the phone hide it from him walk away and then tell him I was in town and you had to go.

That made me feel good till when you walked away you look disappointed.  I always assumed you were with him to pass time but clearly you cared for him.

So that night when you got home I was going to scream at you.  I was going to tell you how bad of a person you were.  But you came home looking so good.  I couldn’t remember the last time when you dressed up for me and it came to me I had let this happen.  When I came home I never took you out and I never asked you enough about you and the things you were doing.  I realized it was all my fault and why my love for washed away all the bullshit and suddenly all I needed was you.  Somehow I had blocked out my feelings for you to make all my time away from ok with me. I had gotten cold towards you. We made love that night remember?”



“Of course I do it was the best night of my life”


MR Wonderful

“Whys that?”


“Because I realized you a still loved me and there could be hope for us.”


MR Wonderful

“Well after that night I wasn’t sure I had any right to call you out on what you did.  It was clear Willy was getting mad about me and this would wrap itself up if I timed my showing up  at the right times.  “


Wow that really kinda fucked up but somehow sweet. I guess even Mr. Wonderful isn’t perfect.  You sure you can still be a super hero after doing something so dastardly?”


“I will tell you what I told my Team I am done being a super hero full time.  I will show up only when shit is really wrong.  Its time I come home and start working again. Its not fair you need two jobs and I have none.  The world will be fine without me in it but we won’t and you are my world.”

Jane starts crying and runs over and bear hugs MR Wonderful

Jane sobbingly says

“I love you so much MR wonderful”

MR Wonderful

“Don’t call me that anymore just call me Oscar”


“Stop that to me You will always be MR Wonderful.”


“They kiss against a falls night with the moon full and bright and the majestic city of new York behind them. “


“So what do we do now”


“I don’t care so long as we do it together.”








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