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Ask Mr Andersin anything you want about Creating and or Promoting Comics on AMA

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What is AMA?

An AMA, or Ask Me Anything, Event is basically a live interview of a “host.” The host creates a headline or topic describing who they are and what they know or what they do – and what they are willing to speak about in the following format:

 My name is _____. I am _____ in ____.  I like to or I do   ____.  Ask Me Anything.

For example: My name is Joe Smith. I am a celebrity trainer in Venice Beach, California. I get actors and actresses in great shape in short periods of time for major parts. Ask Me Anything.

Community members, also known as guests, submit questions and have the opportunity to vote on other submitted questions they would like to see answered by the host.

An AMA Event largely revolves around the context between the person and the questions. Those questions that garner the most votes rise to the top of the submitted questions queue so the host can see which questions are most popular with her or his guests. The host can respond to the questions he or she would like to answer – and in the order he or she prefers.

To read more about AMAfeed, click here.

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